2015 Graduation Ceremony

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Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance successfully holds its 2015 graduation ceremony

On the morning of July 12, the graduation ceremony of China Household Finance Survey (CHFS), China Micro Enterprise Survey (CMES), and CCT program was held in the Hongyan Building of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) Liulin campus. Leaders attending the ceremony included Dr. Li Gan, director of the Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance; Nan Jia, deputy director; Bing Yan; Xin He, deputy director; and many others.


The graduation ceremony began at 9:30 am. First, a video with footage from the 2013 survey and 13 years of the Center’s achievements was broadcast to the general assembly in order to further motivate the students for the survey. Next, Dr. Gan talked to the incoming draftsmen and interviewers about the importance of safety and emphasized paying attention to interview quality control.


Next, Fangji Wei, a 2013 outstanding interviewer, shared his interviewing experiences and mindset. He also wished the new round of survey interviewers much success. Then, a memoir video entitled “Keep Knocking Even after You’re Rejected” (which was also the theme of the 2013 survey) played on the big screen. The film reflected the many challenges that the interviewers encounter during the survey as well as their determination to overcome difficulties.


Bing Yan then gave a speech reaffirming precautions for the new round of the survey. Other Center teachers also gave messages to the students.

Finally, the movie “Run 2015!” played in the conference hall. The film was produced in accordance with the survey’s training reports and materials. The graduation ceremony ended with a very happy atmosphere. 

The new round of the 2015 survey is about to start: it’s time to write a new chapter!