Youth Education Initiative Plan

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“Youth Education Initiative Plan” (YEIP) Successfully Completes the First Round of Its Baseline Research Work

On June 1, 2015, the Leshan Municipal Party Committee and the Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance jointly led Leshan City’s Mabian District in successfully completing the first round of baseline research work for the “Youth Education Initiative Plan” (YEIP).

The first round of baseline research work launched on May 20. On May 22, 10 groups of interviewers went to Mabian Yonghong Primary School, Supa Elementary School, and 14 other schools, completing 14 school questionnaires, 56 teacher questionnaires, and 2,600 student questionnaires. From May 25 – 31, with the local government’s strong support, the interviewers overcame various difficulties like language and other communication problems. They visited 56 classes and had one-on-one visits with 2,600 parents and carried out the project through investigative work. They collected samples household information on a total of 1,380 students’ households. At this point, the first round of baseline research work has been successfully concluded.

The “Youth Education Initiative Plan” of Leshan’s Mabian district was launched on April 14, 2015, and is one of Leshan’s key 2015 reform projects. Under the premise of social security programs and as a multi-dimensional approach to poverty reduction, YEIP is designed to make beneficiary households meet pre-determined conditions (including guaranteeing school-age children’s attendance at school, ensuring improved academic performance, etc.). It provides cash assistance to households in order to promote people’s basic education and the quality of the masses as well as constantly enhancing opportunities for self-development in rural areas.