Report on Urban Unemployment in China


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The overall urban unemployment rate in China is 8.0% in 2011. Specifically, the unemployment rate of men is 8.1% and that of women is 7.8% . According to the data of Sixth Nationwide Population Census in 2010 implemented by National Bureau of Statistics, the urban labor force population totaled 346,240,000 in 2010 . Therefore, it is inferred that the total unemployment of China exceeds 27,700,000 people in 2011 .

CHFS data shows that the urban unemployment rate in China is characterized by regional difference. The unemployment rate in east, central and west regions is 6.9%, 8.3% and 14.1% respectively, with a big difference between the east and west regions. The unemployment rate in the west region is obviously higher than that in the central and east regions.