Family Background and the Gender Inequality of Education


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Family Background and the Gender Inequality of Education

Cai Dongliang1 Meng Xiaoyu2 Ma Shuang3

[Abstract] Differing from exist literatures examining accumulative effect of gendr inequality in educational attainment, the paper inspects the family background effect on gender inequality of education in different education stages. With the data from 2008 Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS), we find the gender inequality in education would be weakened in higher education stage. Rural - urban differences intensify this gender inequality,gender differences of education opportunity in rural is larger than that in urban. Higher mother education level will consistent reduce the gender inequality in higher education stage.The more siblings a family has,the more serious gender inequality of educational attainment will be. The results indicate China's urbanization policies which increased urban population proportion,college expansion policy that improved mothers' education degree and family one child planning policy which decreased family size could contribute to gender equality in education in China. This paper use maximum likelihood estimation to analyze factors which can effect gender inequality of different education stages at one time,inspecting the correlation of different levels of education in sequential selection process as well as selection process. 

Key words: Educational Inequality, Gender Difference, Population Difference

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