Earnings, Income, and Wealth Distributions in China:


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Author: Jijun Tan, Ting Zeng, Shenghao Zhu

Abstracts: We use 2011 China Household Finance Survey (CHFS) data to describe inequality of earnings, income, and wealth in China. We …nd high inequality of labor earnings, income, and wealth in China. We also …nd that the business income comprises a large share of incomes among top groups. Households with young heads tend to be rich in earnings and incomes, and their incomes are largely generated from businesses. We …nd that the top 1 percent income share in China in 2010 is comparable to that in the United States in 1928. In 1928 the social security system was still absent in the United States. This comparison gives us hints that the high inequality level in current China is probably due to the ine¤ectiveness of redistribution policies in China.