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Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance is a non-profit academic institute of survey and research established by Research Institute of Economics and Management at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics 2010. Now it has been developed into an internationally renowned academic survey institute with comprehensive micro data, including three databases on China household, small-and-micro enterprises and community governance.

is the Center’s first national survey, aimed at collecting micro-level information about household income, expenses, assets, liabilities, insurance and securities, etc.collects micro-level information about household financial and physical assets (housing and other property), debts and credit constraints, income, expenditures, social insurance, intergenerational transfer payments, demographics, employment, and payment history. This data is compiled and analyzed in order to offer high-quality micro-data on Chinese household finances which can be used for academic study and policy making. 

In July-August, 2011, the Center sent over 600 SWUFE students to interview 8438 effective household samples in 320 communities of 80 counties in 25 provinces.

In June-September, 2013, the Center sent over 1600 SWUFE students to interview 28,000 effective household samples in 1048 communities of 260 counties in 29 provinces. The data is nationally and provincially representative.


In April-September, 2015, the Center sent over 2500 SWUFE students to interview 40,000 effective household samples in 1439 communities of 363 counties in 29 provinces. The data is nationally, provincially and sub-provincially representativeness.

The use of advanced technology, such as Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) and Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), helped to improve the response rate and to minimize the refusal rate.

We published the survey data and findings from our first round on May 13, 2012. The results were well-received by academics and the general public. Additionally, we published  two English books, Research Report of China Household Finance Survey 2012, and Report on the Development of Household Finance in Rural China (2014) that contain the results and analysis of the survey and is available to the public.


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