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CAPI System

Based on the framework and design concept of the cutting-edge CAPI (Computer-assisted Personal Interviewing) system, CHFS develops a proprietary interview system and management platform. This integrated system provides a full package for computer-based household interview. Each interviewer is given a laptop with the CAPI system and the management system pre-installed. Sufficient time was spent teaching the interviewers to efficiently use the equipment, the software, learning, and various shortcuts that are especially useful during interviews. 

The CAPI system effectively decreases potential man-made non-sampling errors by presetting the range of possible answers, catching typing errors, and avoiding general human errors (such as skipping questions).  The system ensures the confidentiality of the data and ensures real-time accessibility, significantly improving data quality. 

CATI System

Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is an interactive front-end computer system that allows interviewers to ask questions over the computer (rather than over the telephone). Each interviewer wearing headphone sits in front of a personal computer and asks the questions that appear on the screen. The respondent’s answer is then typed immediately into the computer by the interviewer. This system saves time, decreases costs, and guarantees high quality data. The data can be used by kinds of statistical software.

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