Higher education institutions in China have a growing demand for database construction and data access. However, the lack of a platform for communication and cooperation hinders the exchange between organizations in survey implementation, survey technology revolution, survey data usage and survey database construction, and increases the costs of communication. Thus, there has been a shared desire to create a resource sharing platform for mutual benefits.

On November 3, 2017, the release press to launch the Survey Data Sharing Platform for Higher Education Institutions was held at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, indicating the platform gap has been addressed.


The advantages of the platform include:

1. Removing the barriers in communication on database construction;

2. Facilitating the exchange in resources, information and technology;

3. Maximizing the cost-effectiveness in obtaining high-quality data;

4. Achieving the scale effect of cooperation between higher education institutions.


The types of resources available on the platform include:

1. Methodological and technical support: survey implementation plans, sampling plans, questionnaire design plans, technical interview system, survey research trends; 

2. Data-related resources: data mining and database access;

3. Public relations resources: links with government, media, academia and industry;

4. Management solutions: experience in the management, team building and public relations management of survey research organizations