Apply for data

For 2011&2013 CHFS data, please visit:

For 2015&2017 CHFS data, please wait for the official announcement.


1. Q: Cannot open the data applicaiton system, or the system cannot be displayed.

A: This might be due to the incompatibility of the data application system and some web browsers. We suggest that you use Google Chrome or any other compatible web browsers, e.g. Sougou Browser. The other reason might be the bad internet signal, then you can switch the internet enviroment and try to open the system again, or type the website of data application system directly into the web browser. (

2.Q: How long will it take to process the registeration approval?

A: Normally, after you activated the email successfully, you can log in and review the information of CHFS data in the data application system. We will check your registeration information in 1-3 work days and send an approval email to you automatically.

3. Q: How to contact the Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance?

Address: No. 55, Guanghuacun Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan 610074


Phone: 86-028-87353736