Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance was established in 2010 by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics as a public academic institution for data collection and research. It consists of three databases respectively on China Household Finance, Micro-and-small Enterprises and China Grassroots Governance, providing references for academic research and policy-making in related areas. Enjoying high reputation at home and abroad, the Center carries out research on income distribution, , household finance, rural development, real estate, urbanization and grassroots governance, etc. It has made significant progress in terms of think-tank construction, policy advice, social service, etc. Meanwhile the Center is one of the Discipline Innovation and Talents Introduction Bases for Institution of Higher Learning.

China Household Finance Survey is the Center's first of this kind at national level, aimed at collecting microeconomic information related to household income, expenditure, asset, liability, insurance, security, etc. In July-August, 2011, the Center sent over 600 SWUFE students to interview 8438 effective household samples in 320 communities of 80 counties in 25 provinces. In June-September, 2013, the Center sent over 1600 SWUFE students to interview 28,000 effective household samples in 1048 communities of 260 counties in 29 provinces. The data is nationally and provincially representative. In April-September, 2015, the Center sent over 2500 SWUFE students to interview 40,000 effective household samples in 1439 communities of 363 counties in 29 provinces. The data is nationally, provincially and subprovincially representative. 

China Grassroots Governance Survey aims at collecting information of China’s grassroots units (residential committees and village committees) about public service facility, community politics, social organization, environment, health, social security, education, culture and the rule of law at grassroots level, etc.

China Grassroots Governance Survey has respectively collected 320, 1048 and 1439 community samples in the year 2011, 2013 and 2015.

CMES is the Center's newly added national field sampling survey in the year 2015, aimed at collecting specific information about MSE's operation, management, entrepreneurship, innovation, investment, financing, tax and dues, etc.In June-September, 2015, the Center sent over 800 SWUFE students to collect data of over 120,000 corporate MSEs and individual businesses. 

To guarantee the smooth operation of the China Household Finance Survey and China Small-and-Micro Enterprise Survey, the center’s project team has developed the survey system with independent intellectual property rights upon absorbing the framework and design concept of universal and mature Computer-assisted Personal Interviewing,allowing a whole set of functions including questionnaire design, sample collection, real-time monitoring and quality control.

Leadership Presentation
  • Dr Xin He

    Dr Xin He

    Deputy Dean of the Research Ititute of Economics and Management (RIEM) Southweste Univeity of Finance and Econ...

  • Dr Li Gan

    Dr Li Gan

    Director of the Survey and Research Center for China Household FinanceDean and Professor of the Research Ititu...

  • Dr Jijun Tan

    Dr Jijun Tan

    Honorary Deputy Director of the Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance

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    Dr Shu Xu

    Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the School of Economics Southweste Univeity of Finance and Economics Depu...